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A History of Our Families


Welcome to our family history web site!


I try to document all information, but some times the documents just aren't available.  So some family connections

may be assumptions or very strong inklings.  If you find any corrections, additions, or just want to

chat, please get a hold of me!  This site best viewed by Firefox.


Kathy Mahmens


Kathy Mahmens' Family 

Direct family lines:  Amidown, Anderson, Baker, Balch, Belcher, Bigelow, Braken, Brown,

              Buffington, Burgoyne, Cheney, Chilton, Churchill, Cox, Crossett, Curtis, Dill, Dodge,

              Edwards, Fickel, Fincher, Fiske, Garfield, Gorton, Green, Greene, Grubbe, Hadden,

              Hamilton, Hansen, Harriman, Harrison, Hayward, Herring, Jenkins, Leete, Macklem,

              Maxwell, McCall, McClelland, Merrill, Morse, Parkhurst, Pearson, Proctor, Riddle,

              Rogers/Rodgers, Schriefer, Scott, Spears, Stanley, Summers, Sumner, Voss, Waite,

              Warren, Weber, Webster, Whitney, Williams, Young


Bob Mahmens' Family

Direct family lines:  Knaak, Lorentzen, Lorenz, Mahmens, Matthison, Peter-Peterson,

       Sadler, Schultz, Vollmert, Witt


Ernie Hudgens' Family

Direct family lines:  Allis, Beldon, Blankenship, Brandon, Corzine, Graves, Herring,

              Hudgens, Irvine, Johnson, Kennedy, Kenney, Lawson, Lewis, Lutholtz, Massey,

              McGraw, Neff, Rowden, Scott, Seals, Smith, Townsend, Tucker           


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